Monday, January 28, 2008

Feelin' Groovy

I'm in an oddly good mood this evening.
Why? I can't say for sure.
It could be that I've had a few drinks.
It could be that I've been searching for,
Well, dumb shit on YouTube to make me laugh.
Like this, for instance.
Or maybe this.
Or perhaps something like this.
I don't know. Maybe it's none of that.
I do love those last guys.
They're called Barats and Bereta.
And they are brilliant.
I suppose we will never know what has made me so happy.
I guess it's just a mystery.


Girl Interrupted said...

Great to see you're in a good mood! I can't follow the links from work, I will have to remember to check them out from home.
Ok, I have a harder time commenting here since you started calling it patronizations. I guess I don't feel like I am patronizing or don't want to be. Silly huh.
I'm actually just sleepy today, that's all.

Adam said...

there. i've changed it.

i never meant it to mean patronization in the sense that you were placating me. i meant it like you were patronizing me, as in a customer. to be a patron.

thank you for making me aware of my ambiguity.

Girl Interrupted said...

Aww thanks! Now I better look up adroit. Happy to patronize you then, I'm glad I wasn't being patronizing. Happy Wednesday!

Girl Interrupted said...

I'm pleased to be adroit.