Saturday, February 2, 2008

Saturday Night Special


Scentless Apprentice


Milk It

Seasons in the Sun


Semi-Charmed said...

Thanks, sometimes I just need Nirvana on a Sunday morning. Never saw/heard their version of Seasons in the Sun.

Adam said...

great version of seasons in the sun.

did you notice kurt playing the drums and chris playing guitar (which he obviously can't tune)? and dave on bass? i don't think kurt was in his right mind. he may have been medicated. maybe.

i was just listening to scentless appentice over and over yesterday, and felt like posting some of my fave tunes.

did you know that most babies smell like butter? i didn't.

Girl Interrupted said...

OH! Now I'm really distraught, I can't see Nirvana!

I hope you had a good weekend.