Friday, February 1, 2008

Snow Day!

What a beautiful day here!
If you consider beautiful to be driving rain,
turning to sleet, and finally ice.
And I do.

That is all ice.
Maybe an inch of it. Just wonderful stuff.
Great for driving in.
There were absoultely no accidents on the highway.
OK, maybe one. Or 30.
It's like people forget how to drive.
Like they have never seen snow or ice before.
It's friggin' New England!
We tend to get a little snow here.

And yes, that is my swingset. I use it often.
It's been ravaged by the wind.
Sweet Jesus, the wind.
Blustery I'd call it.
No, not blustery. What am I looking for?
Whipping? No.
Gale force?
Yeah, that's good. Gale force.
I feel bad for Floyd.
I just put him out to do his business.

On the plus side, I got a day off from work.
It's like I'm back in school. I got a snow day.
I got halfway there, and I was like,
"Fuck this! I'm going back to bed!"
Oh, my warm bed. How I love you.
How could I ever survive without you?

Also on the plus side, I got to write a little.
I have a nice story I'm putting the finishing touches on.
It's about me, and something that happened to me a few years ago.
Something I think about a lot this time of year.
So, be looking for that.
I'm sure you're all shaking with anticipation.

I've got to go.
My dog just blew away.


Whimsicalsun said...

I envy you.
I don't even know the snow :(

And here...the sun is going to kill me. I'm so white, I don't want to have other color in my skin...and the sun hates me! I can't stay in just one side outside for 5 minutes!

Ironically..."Sun" is my name.

Hugs for you Adam.


PS: Floyd is going to miss you.

Adam said...

Trust me Sol, you're not missing much. It's wet and cold and just miserable. Actually, you might like it. ;)

I'm a very very white person too. My family is from Scotland and France. I can't go outside in the summer at all. Unless I cover every part of my body, which makes it hotter, as you might imagine.

That is ironic. Sometimes I wonder if God is just fucking with us.

Floyd is an idiot. He won't even know I'm not there. But I will miss him.