Sunday, March 9, 2008

ID please

I love getting carded at the liquor store. It's a good sign. It means that there is a possibility that I am not as old as I feel. And it means I've been taking better care of myself than I thought, if someone thinks I may be under 21. And in this case, I was only buying cigarettes. So they thought I might be under 18! Honestly, I think the girl at the counter just wanted to see how old I was. Cause if she thought I was 17 years old, she's blind.

See girls, you're not the only ones who worry about how they look.


Semi-Charmed said...

While buying some raspberry vodka a few days back, I was carded. She seemed apologetic about it, but I was like "hey, if you don't think I'm 21, i'll take that as a compliment" she responds with "well, we have to card anyone that looks like they're 30 or under. I wasn't sure, you were on the borderline"
Also, that picture cracks me up.

Adam said...

thanks for ruining my delusion! way to give me a complex.

what, you like my uncle june? he's one tough mothafucker!