Monday, March 17, 2008

The Quadratic Conundrum

Order is a relative term.


Lapses in judgement
Are the hallmark of my existence.

Who to trust?
What to do?
Where to go?

Always wrong.
To the point where I can no longer make a decision
Without second guessing myself.
Or second guessing my second guess.
Or second guessing that!

To be clear,
That's four decisions.
Three second guesses.

I've developed an equation for this instance,
Where d = decisions,
G = second guesses,
And j = my poor judgement.

d = G + j - 2dπ

Solve for d.

I've worked it out.
It always, no matter what, ends up the same answer.

d ALWAYS equals this:

you're a fucking idiot

5G + |try again|π

Truthfully though, I've always sucked at math.
So my calculations may be waaaaaaayy off.
Don't care.

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