Saturday, March 22, 2008

Seriously? Come on. You have to be shitting me.

A Virginia woman recently sold a Corn Flake shaped like the state of Illinois at auction for $1,350. Click on that link, and then tell me: does that corn flake look any different than any other corn flake you or I have been shoveling down our gullets for as long as we can remember? I contend that it does not.

And to the demented fucktard person who purchased that Corn Flake: Have I got a deal for you! I recently came into possession of a Saltine cracker that bears a striking resemblance to the state of Wyoming. And I am willing to let it go for the laughable price of only $600! I mean, I'm practically giving it away!

This offer is only good for the next seventy two hours, at which time I will open up the bidding to the general public. The ball is now in your court, you incredible fucking moron sir.


Whimsicalsun said...

Today, one piece of dinner (fish) it was Darth Vader face.
I swear.
And I had the flaskback of this topic.

Semi-Charmed said...

i recently found a mitten that is in the exact shape of michigan! it was amazing.

Adam said...

sol: you should totally put that on e-bay! forget eating dinner. those star wars fanatics will go crazy bidding on it. you'll be rich!

semi-c: {trombone playing} wa-wa-waaaa. nice one. :)