Thursday, April 17, 2008

Half the frequency, Twice the quality!

Good news and bad news kiddies.
Good news:
I am now,
Pending the result of a drug screen tomorrow,
Gainfully employed.
This is good news as it allows me to actually earn money,
Instead of mooching off of family and friends.

Bad news, it's going to seriously cut into my blogging time.
So I will most likely be posting less often.
Maybe 4 times a week.

But this job is one where I have to drive around a lot,
So it will enable me to think about blogging while working.
Although, this being a new job,
I should probably concentrate on doing good work in the short term,
As opposed to writing blog posts in traffic.

So consequentially, there will be more posts like this,
Off the cuff, no actual composition,
Free flowing illogical rants.

Long time readers will be used to this method.
Newer readers are going to have to get used to it,
Or just stop coming here.

I'm going to spend the next few days writing like a madman.
Thanks to Blogger's new format,
I can write multiple posts ahead of time,
And set them to publish weeks later.
Fucking technology...
Ain't it crazy?

So my irreverent wit will still be heard around here.
Just less often.

I want to thank my readers, whom I adore,
For coming back here day after day,
Despite the fact that I never really post anything interesting.
I appreciate your loyalty,
And I hope you will stick with me through these next few months
As I get myself back on track and prioritize.
I love blogging.
I think about what I'm going to write about every night,
Lulling myself to sleep with thoughts of possible blog rants
For tomorrow.

So, until next time, which will probably be tonight,
Good day to you all.

Oh, hey, I started a new play this week, and I am two acts into it. Anyone interested in me publishing it here for you to read?


Girl Interrupted said...

I think it would be great if you posted it here! Please do. Congrats on the drug test... let me think.. how long ago was Super Bowl.. I think you're fine then. Way to go. ;)


Girl Interrupted said...

haha I meant congrats on the job! I totally typed what I was thinking and not what I was meaning. I know you know what I meant though.


Sra said...

You're writing a play? I'd like to see.

It's amazing how working 8-ish hours a day stunts your creativity. I had much more interesting blog posts when I worked part time. The price you pay to live in this expensive world, huh?

Adam said...

I will post it here when I get it a little more presentable. So, like 2012.