Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Every day is a trial.
Thoughts always turn to you.
Never on purpose though.

A car goes by;
I'm reminded of you.
A commercial on TV;
I'm reminded of you.
A song on the radio;
I'm reminded of you.

I'm reminded of you every day.
In stupid ways.
Am I really remembering you?
Or is it just that you have never left my thoughts?

The good. The bad.
There was definitely more good than bad.
But when it was bad,
It was horrible.
And when it was good......
You know what? It was never really that good.
I was just happy things weren't bad,
So they seemed good.
Is that good? The absence of bad?

If so,
Maybe I'm not as pissed about this as I thought I was.
There has to be someone else who is more "not bad" than "bad".
I think I have to re-evaluate here.

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