Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Out of my head. All of the time.
One minute, elated;
The next, deflated.
I fear that madness is nigh.

I'm lost in my mind. All of the time.
Obfuscating around the reasons why.

Oh, poverty's fool am I.

{apologies to shakespeare for pilfering and then bastardizing that last line.}


Dreamer said...

Hi...nice blog....U r LG's reader....I think u can help me out! will you?? I am 19 years old girl doing college in computer application but still uncertain abt my carrier. I want to do something like that LG...I mean what does she exactly web??web comics?? or what?? will u please help?

Adam said...

i'm not sure what i can do for you. i'm really just a fledgling playwright/construction worker (gotta pay the bills somehow).

i'm also pretty naive when it comes to anything technological. i only started these blogs after a lot of pleading from my friends and loved ones who were tired of listening to me rant and rave.

i don't really know what LG does. i only stumbled across her blog. she really is amazing. have you tried emailing her? or commenting with a question. after all her protesting about how that guy didn't offer any help, it would be hypocritical of her to ignore you.

i'm sorry i can't help you out at all. like i said, i'm really an idiot when it comes to web based stuff. frankly, i'm surprised i managed to get a blog off the ground.


Girl Interrupted said...

You have a way with words. This side of you sounds a bit sad, the other a bit political. Just letting you know I was checking it out.

Adam said...

thanks for checking it out. obviously, i am a bit on the downtrodden side. but i'm coming out of it (i think.)

the other blog is basically a political blog. my frinds got tired of me pontificating endlessly, so i started to just jot down my thoughts.

again, thanks for reading. i'm amazed at how many people have enjoyed this stupid place for my incessant whining. it just shows the human condition i guess.


Girl Interrupted said...

Well you have a talent for writing. That's what interested me. The first couple of posts were really sad but I can see that it's slowly changing.
If you get bored enough at work, it will drive you to searching blogs. :)
I - we get bored sometimes and sometimes swamped, it's an unpredictable line of work.

Adam said...

Aw shucks. thanks.

i like to consider myself a writer. but i also like to consider myself sane. and conscientious. and misanthropic. but none of those are really the case. so i'm starting to wonder.

must be nice to be able to slack off at work. :)