Friday, January 18, 2008

How does that old proverb go?

Neither rain nor snow nor sleet nor hail
Shall keep the postman from his appointed rounds.

Unless you have left your Jack Russell Terrier on the porch.
Then all bets are off.


I mean, just look at the size difference.
That guy would have been eaten alive.
For crying out loud,
He [il postino**] didn't even have to go onto the porch.
All Floyd did was bark at him.

Sure, keep the bills, postman. I'm fine with that.
I just wanted my stamp collecting magazine,
Philately Monthly.
I found an Inverted Jenny last week,
And I think it's worth a lot of money.

* This is not Floyd. I was too lazy (stupid?) to upload some pics of him. Let's just say that's him, okay? Also, I suppose I should say: that's not my postman either.

** the postman, dummy.

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