Saturday, January 19, 2008

How boring can it get?

Oh my, what a crazy Saturday night.
I think I am now officially a spinster.
Is there a masculine form of the word spinster?
Probably not.

I don't think it can get less exciting than tonight was.
I baked some cookies.
They couldn't make that name any gayer?
They are really delicious though.
Basically they are sugar cookies,
but you roll them in cinnamon before you bake them.
Mmm-mmm good. And with a nice mug of Hot cocoa.
Homemade of course.

And what pathetic evening would be complete without some TV?
I'm now catching up on Battlestar Galactica.
I know, I'm boring and a nerd:
The total package!
It's a tremendous show, though.
I'm halfway through season 2.
And I'm officially in love with Starbuck.
And Number Six. Frak me, please.
That's not my only nerd obsession, though.

I'm a LOST freak.
That fucking show is the best there is.
And only two more weeks until it's back!
I'm going through withdrawals, for christ's sake.
I really just need to get through the next week.
Then I'll be okay.

Well, time to hunker down and go watch some more BSG.
I am a frakking dynamo.

And yes ladies,
He's single!


Semi-Charmed said...

Lost is the best show ever.
Battlestar Glactica? Not so much. Nerds are still cool though.

Adam said...

if nerds are cool, then what are actual cool people? icicles?

lost is the best show....ever. you really should give battlesstar a chance, though. i never did. i'm only now coming around to it.

nerds..... are....... awesome. viva la nerds!