Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I just don't believe you.
You can keep saying it all you want.
I'm never going to believe you.

You did it.
You're fucking him again.
Just admit it.
It's not like we're together anymore.
But I distinctly remember you saying that you hated him.
That he was a jerk, who always treated you like shit.

What is it with these guys who treat women like shit?
How is it that they always get the girl?
I mean, for fuck's sake!
Meanwhile, I, the perennial, proverbial "good guy" am left there,

Why do you feel the need to be demoralized by him?
Is it some unresolved psychoanalytic bullshit from years ago?
Do you really enjoy being ridiculed and belittled?

Why can't you see a nice guy,
And just appreciate him?
He's not a pussy, or any less of a man.
Here's the fucking crazy thing about it:
He actually respects you!

Holy shit!
What a novel idea!
To be with someone who truly respects you.
But you're still gonna go with that dickhead over there?

Excellent choice.


Girl Interrupted said...

It looks like you found your inspiration. Why can't people just be nice and half wise? It sounds like this girl really hurt you. Good writing, you've been busy.

Girl Interrupted said...

Have you abandoned us or just gotten busy?