Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Adam's irrational "celebrity" crush of the week

New feature being debuted here. It's my irrational "celebrity" crush of the week. Each week I will spotlight a celebrity, or a non-celebrity, or the girl who works at the gas station downtown. It's really dependent upon my current mood how I'll decide to go.

This week's irrational crush:

CNN's Erica Hill.

The beguiling redhead is currently being absolutely wasted on Anderson Cooper 360 acting as the news gal, and is at present, haunting my dreams. This temptress is just so absolutely gorgeous, I have no other choice but to sit through Cooper's annoying banter and awkward flirting just to get my daily dose of the beauty that is she.



Anonymous said...

Hi Erica

David said...

finally someone else who has spotted the diamond in the rough that is erica hill. she is truly the most enthralling temptress this side of channel 15.