Sunday, April 20, 2008

But can you do the Freddy?

I had my nieces, Kaileen and Arianna,
Over for breakfast this morning.
Our conversation turned,
As it invariably does,
To existentialism.

Kaileen, age 6 (Almost 7),
Made some random comment about somebody being dead.
I made the remark that everybody is dead in some way.
I, for instance,
Am dead inside, I told her.
She, who is far too quick for her age,
Responded by saying,
"I'm not dead inside."

Ari, age 4, listening intently,
Commented that she isn't dead inside either.
"I'm a robot inside!"
And she proceeded to break it down and do the robot dance!

I actually fell on the floor laughing.
Ari 2-D2 is a frickin' nutjob.


Sra said...

I love when kids involve themselves in philosophy. Funnyness ensues.

Adam said...

You should hear her epistemological rants. HILARIOUS!

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Adam said...

I want to delete that last comment, but it's so funny. I think I'll leave it.

I usually get rid of the spammers, but this one is cleverer (it's totally a word. look it up.) than what I usually get. I have to respect their ingenuity.