Friday, April 25, 2008

Celebrity Crush Time!

It's that time again. And I am truly in love. It's not like the other times. This is real. I am head over heels in love. And nobody can dissuade me from feeling as such.

This week's love of my life comes from the television show LOST. I am a freak for this show. Since the first episode, I have been hooked. I belong to a community of fellow freaks who worship the show the same as I. I never thought that I would ever become a fanboy. Going on message boards, analyzing every second of every episode. But, lo and behold, I am one of those people. And you know what I've found? Those people are awesome. At least the people at my site. They are smart and funny and diverse and not at all what I imagined fanatics to be like. We are reasoned and measured in our considerations. We're like a little commune of hippies. Only it's not pot and acid that are our drugs of choice. It's Jack, and Locke, and Hurley.

And my crush. I know what those of you who watch the show are thinking. It's Kate. And maybe at one time it was. Sure, she's hot. VERY HOT! Exceedingly hot.

But I've grown weary of her vascillations between Jack and Sawyer. Pick one already.

No, my crush is none other than:

That's right. Benjamin Linus. Henry Gale. Benry. Dean Moriarty. Call him whatever you like. He's just fucking awesome. I wish I could manipulate people the way he does. And he does it while making them think that they are in control. He's devilishly evil. And I love him.

When he turns away from whomever it is he just convinced that they are right, and he smirks that Mephestophelean smirk, I just melt. He could imprison me on a tropical island for his own malicious intents ANYDAY. Name the time and place, Ben, and I'll be there. I will kill for you. I will travel through time with you. I will tell you to comb down that cowlick every now and then. But I only do it because I love you.


Sra said...

I was an obsessed fangirl of the X-Files for a few years. I even read "fanfic". (Hey, some of the stories were really well-written!) Then season 7 came along and Mulder ended up leaving the show, and I was completely turned off that my favorite show was ruined. So I returned to a non-obsessive existence.

It's ok to geek out about things every now and then. Things like that usually go in phases anyway. I've never seen Lost, but a fair number of people do seem to be obsessed with it, so I think you're probably in good company.

Semi-Charmed said...

I sort of started crushing on Ben the minute he overtook the guys on horses in the Sahara last night. I mean, that was just awesome. And you're right, his manipulation skills are amazing. I wish I could be that cool.
I have a question- You used to link to that message board site (the one you post on) and I really liked it. Can you leave a comment on my blog with the link? Pretty please?