Saturday, April 12, 2008

I vant to ask a qvestion.

If, when I cut myself, and I then suck on the blood because, well, I like the taste, does that make me a cannibal, or even worse, a vampire? I've ruled out vampire because I just checked and, yep, I can see my reflection in the mirror.

And moreover, if it does make me a cannibal, does that automatically make me a bad person?

I'm in quite the little quagmire here, as you can see.


Sra said...

I think you're only a vampire or a cannibal if you like the taste of other people's blood. So try someone else's first, and then report back.

Adam said...

OK then. Probably not a vampire, And a cannibal is ostensibly out of the question, as I cringe at the sight of anyone else's blood.

But you didn't answer the question: Do you think cannibals are inherently bad people?