Thursday, May 1, 2008

You're not getting rid of me that easily

Hey hey hey! (He said doing his best Dwayne from What's Happening? impression)

The Flowbots- Handlebars

The rumors of my demise were only mildly exaggerated.
I am, in fact, still alive and well.
But I'm tired.
And I'm muse-less.
I've lost my muse, is what I'm saying.

I have spent so much time worrying about work,
And trying to get my life back together,
I've unfortunately had to jettison some really fun things.
Like blogging, for instance.
And staying up past 10:00 PM.

Floyd is especially pissed at me.
I've been so tired,
I haven't walked him once this week.
He's going stir crazy,
Because I've been there every single day,
For the last few months.
He got spoiled basically.

He's depressed, and he won't eat.
He spends all day (I'm presuming here)
Curled up in a ball waiting my arrival.
I believe this because he takes my slippers
And lays with them behind the couch,
At least he's that way when I peek in the window.
So call me crazy,
But I think he misses me.
The poor, misguided fool.
He should be celebrating,
Not moping.

He's finally free!
He can lick his crotch as long as he wants,
And I'm not there to scream,
He can lay in the sun all day,
And then go lay in the shade,
And then go lay in the sun,
And then go lay in the shade.
And then go...

Safe to say,
I am going to do my best to integrate a few hours a week,
To do some blogging.
I enjoy it too much to go cold turkey.
And I'm sure after I get acclimated to the new schedule,
I'll be back on a regular timeline.
I'll do my best.

The one thing I find cool about being on the road
Is listening to more radio than I have recently.
That first song was from the Flowbots,
And their album will "drop" in a few months,
I suggest picking it up when it does.

Another band I've fallen in love with is Vampire Weekend.
A very interesting sound.
Very different than anything out there right now.
I'm a little late on discovering them,
So I could be called a bandwagoner,
But I don't care.
I like them,
And I want to share them with you.

Oxford Comma


Mansard Roof

That's all for now.
My apologies to anyone I've neglected via email recently, too.
Don't worry,
I'm on it.


Sra said...

Blogging comes in waves sometimes. Don't force too much.

You might like Tally Hall if you like Vampire Weekend.

Anonymous said...



how long is your commute? i read this article that said that people who have longer commutes than people who do not, are better off stress wise because the long commute gives that person time to think and process all that needs to be processed. i think it's true.

i'm glad to hear you are working!