Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Every day brings a new adventure.
I want to shoot whoever said that.
I'm tired of adventure.
Can't I just have a day without one?

This roller coaster ride that is sobriety is a drag.
I used to be able to just get high whenever shit got too much.
Now, I have to face reality.
Well fuck reality, I say!
I liked it better when everything seemed unreal.
When I was only concerned with my next fix.
It's hard doing shit I used to only do when I was high.

Like writing.
I only ever wrote when I was stoned.
And believe it or not,
Everything sucked! I never wrote anything good.
I thought it was good at the time.
But it wasn't.
And now, I'm clean.
I'm no longer dependent on drugs.
And everything I write is still shit.
It's not even good at the time I'm writing it.

Ain't life a fucking bitch?

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