Sunday, January 20, 2008

God (as I perceive him)

Jeff Buckley

Satisfied Mind

I Know It's Over

Lost Highway


Girl Interrupted said...

Oh, I can't believe you like Clockwork Orange, that's on my most unliked movie list. I was only 19 when I saw it, maybe it wouldn't disturb me so much now, it just went on and on and on. I had to comment because I don't know that many people who have seen that movie.

Adam said...

it's really a beautiful film, in a marginally disturbing kind of way.

the singin' in the rain scene and the reprogramming scenes are marvels of modern cinema. i highly recommend seeing it again. the social commentary is stark and poignant. something i didn't get when i first saw it at 16. in fact i hated it then. i had to see for a school project. and i destested it out of principle. but when i rewatched it in my twenties, i loved every second of it.

it satisies the misogynistic, massmurdering, casual drug using, beethoven freak in us all. perhaps that's just me?

Girl Interrupted said...

haha, I suppose we all have a little of that. Maybe one day I will get up the nerve to watch it again. I felt tortured through the whole thing and it was highly recommended by a friend. It's always just been in the back of my head as one of those unpleasant experiences.

Adam said...

i swear, it's better than you remember it. it is in fact gruesome, and sometimes hard to sit through. but the overall experience is totally worth it.

maybe you should read the book. it has a happier ending. alex becomes fully reformed..... sort of.

Whimsicalsun said...

Oh you just killed me.
I love Jeff Buckley.
When I was a teenager I was alone with him. In that period I never knew someone that listen Buckley, they don't even know his name. He's one of my favorites artists.

Haha...I'm a little crazy right both talked about Clockwork Orange, and I'm reading it.
I saw that movie when I was 17 or something for a proyect in highschool, just like you. But I loved it. And now I understand why Burguess don´t liked Kubrick's movie.
I like both. I think the whole conceptual thing on it is just perfect. Specially the music thing.
That orgasmic thing when Alex is in his bed listening music...ooh I loved that. I feel something like that with music...when you don't need anything extra. When everything static.
Everything and nothing.

Oh, I'm very happy for finding this blog of yours...and that is for music too...I came here because MCR. And in Feb. will be my first time in a MCR always...I'm in debt with music.

Hugs for you.

Adam said...

buckley, obviously, is my god. i don't know anyone who appreciates him either. his music gets me through some tough times. to hear something so beautiful and at the same time so painful.... it just really does it for me.

i hear what you're saying about burgess not liking kubrick's interpretation. i can totally see how people don't like the movie though. and the music? don't get me started. a little ludwig van anyone? my favorite scene in the movie is the reprogramming scene. it's so fucking scary that that stuff actually went on, BF Skinner and such.

MCR is great. i saw them here a few months ago. incredible show. those guys can really play. i didn't know they were on their world tour now. enjoy the show. i know you will.

much appreciation sol, i'm glad you like the blog.

Adam said...

i added some MCR to the end of the playlist. just for you. i'm working on getting some buckley on here, but as i've said before, i'm an idiot when it comes to uploading stuff and all that shit.

deezer won't allow any jeff to be shared. so i have to put them on myself. it could take a while. i managed to get one out of there.


Whimsicalsun said...

Oh thank you very much for those songs ^^
I really love the first album, and that live shows of the Life on the murder scene.
I love this band. They helped me in a horrible period of my life.
I love the music...but there's some bands that have something to them. They are creating a very significant thing with young people. To not to be afraid of being freak...or gay...or whatever they are.

You're so lucky!
Living in the states...oh...I wait for 13 years to see Pearl Jam in 2005.
For that reason we have to be all crazy about foreign concerts here.
We collapsed with the wallet last year, too many concerts.
But it worth it.

Oh, I feel limited with the lenguage* , *I don't even know if I spelled good that word*.
Next year maybe I will starting the university (I hope) and will be my fisrt year studying for now, I'm training, haha.

Oh I listen Cruel with Buckley and Lucas.
I love "Everybody fall in love sometimes"...I think that's the name. In a radio show I think. That interpretation is so emotional. I just love Jeff when he talks in that like he don't need the guitar...his voice, alone, is music.

Do you know MUSE?
If not...please listen that band.
The ABSOLUTION album is perfect.

Be fine Adam.


Adam said...

i'm just running ou the door to go to work. but i can say this: i didn't think i had ever heard Muse, but when i listened to some of them, i know that i have. supermassive blackhole is one i know i've heard before.

they are a really tight band. {tight is a slang around here meaning when all of the musicians and the singer just seem to belong together. they make beautiful music basically.}

gotta head on to work. have a great day!


oh,i threw some MUSE onto the playlist. it's near the beginning.

Adam said...

the MCR show was so intense. and i agree, they help to give meaning to alot of kids who are usually seen as different or awkward or weird.

i have no trouble at all understanding what you are saying. sure you may not spell everything correctly, but it's not your first language. if i tried to speak to you in spanish, i would embarrass myself. soy muy mudo.

i put that buckley tune in my last post. "we all fall in love sometimes". i had forgotten about that song. do you have a recording of that concert? i've always been upset that i discovered jeff too late. it would have been incredible to see him play live.

he always sounded so..... very shy when he would speak. like he didn't realize how great he was.

oh well, tenga una tarde hermosa, Sol.